Bali Bounty Day Cruise: Exploring The Blue Ocean With Fantastic Yellow Cruise


Bali bounty day cruise, A dazing yellow cruise that will bring you to Lembongan Island the most beautiful island in Bali. A cruise that is capable of accommodating up to 150 passengers can be great choice to spend your holiday with family, friends, or any groups. The bounty day cruise will be started from Benoa Harbour and will sail to Lembongan island that takes about an hour. There will be some activities that are provide by bounty day cruise while the cruise is sailing, so you do not need to worry will get bored. Instead, it will makes your holiday will be  unforgettable in every minutes you spend.

Bali bounty day cruise with a wave braking type cruise while it’s sailing will keep your comfort and spares you from sea sickness. You do not need to worry about the wave that may cause you lost your mood for the tour because the sea sickness. The cruise is also completed with an executive services that can serve you well during the tour. With those international standards, are you still doubt to join the tour with Bali bounty day cruise?

Bali bounty day cruise, where you can not only enjoy various activities when the cruise anchored to the island but also when it sails. International lunch buffet with tasty menus also prepared. You can enjoy the lunch on the cruise with the great ocean view. Arrive at lembongan island you will be welcomed by the beautiful view of the island and of course marvelous beach view as well. Not only that, there will be Lembongan island village tour is waiting for you to explore the village on the island.

Not enough with Island village tour? There will be numerous water activities that are waiting for you to try. Riding banana boat, snorkeling, diving, and more can be a choice for you to enjoy the trip on Lembongan island. So, make sure you don’t miss any fun water activities while you are at Lembongan island with bounty day cruise.

Bali bounty day cruise is one of most wanted activities among foreigners and locals. Its because the destination where the cruise anchored is Lembongan Island that known as an island with great view for its beach and sea. So, what are you waiting for? Do not doubt for having holiday with bounty day cruise because the cruise is equipped with international standard  that will keep you safe